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Leadership Position Name Email
Section Board Member Mr Mario Hernandez Sr Contact
Section Board Member Paul Rodesney Contact
Section Board Member Ken Wells Contact
Section Membership, Section Newsletter, Section Webmaster Lisa Leatherock Contact
Section President Jeff Leatherock Contact
Section Treasurer Lance Highfill Contact
Section Vice President Thomas Whiteley Contact

Additional Leadership Contacts

Title Contact Name Phone Email
Website Lisa Leatherock 405.943.5657 Contact
Technical Paul Rodesney 405.720.6019 Contact
Social Activities Tena Highfill 405.630.7706 Contact
Newsletter Editor Lisa Leatherock 405.943.5657 Contact
Membership Lisa Leatherock 405.943.5657 Contact
Historian Lance Highfill 405.659.0212 Contact
Driving, Technical and Educational Events Paul Rodesney 405.720.6019 Contact
Advertising Lance Highfill 405.659.0212 Contact